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From Sydney to Melbourne in three hours on 400km/h Australian High Speed Vehicle

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  • A-HSV
    Designer Hassell has released concept images for a high-speed Australian train. Picture: Hassell
    The company says the train would offer a viable alternative to busy air traffic routes. Picture: Hassell

    TRAVELLERS may soon be speeding between Australian landmarks at up to 400km/h if a company's bullet train design takes off.

    Designer Hassall has released concept images for a high-speed Australian train called the Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV).

    The company says the A-HSV would offer a viable alternative to some of the nation’s busiest air traffic routes, with a trip from Melbourne to Sydney taking under three hours.

    The spacious double-decker train would also reduce carbon emissions by reducing the reliance on air and private vehicle travel.

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    “The A-HSV presents an alternative low-carbon, safe mode of transport for future travel between Australian capital and regional cities,” a Hassell spokesperson said.
    Hassell says it will revolutionise the way Australians travel by offering super-speed luxury train travel.
    “Pioneering a new concept in the way Australians commute and travel, the double-decker train would offer the choice of modern, spacious, open plan commuter seating or private berths for business meetings or luxury travellers.”
    The design was inspired by the 1960s HK Monaro car, well-know for its speed.
    “Inspired by the brut lines of the iconic Australian speed machine the 1960s HK Monaro, Hassell has designed the A-HSV to be responsive to the Australian context.”
    Asia is home to some of the world’s fastest trains. Shanghai has the 581kmh Maglev train and Japan a 300kmh "Hayabusa" bullet train that boasts a carriage modelled on airline business class.


    The design was inspired by the 1960s HK Monaro car, well-know for its speed. Picture: Hassell Source: No Source

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